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Warwork News No. 39 (1944)

Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

Main image of Warwork News No. 39 (1944)
Production CompanyBritish Paramount News
SponsorMinistry of Supply
From the Imperial War Museum Loan Collection

News items about constructing a petrol pipeline in Italy, and Northern Ireland's contribution to the war effort.

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1. New pipeline serves Allies in Italy

The laborious task of supplying petrol to Allied armies in Italy has been eased by the laying of a pipeline across country to an unnamed port. Petrol now flows directly to the front instead of being transported in cumbersome drums. The film shows the laying of the pipeline and filling of jerricans at the front.

2. Ulster at arms

A survey of Northern Ireland's contribution to the United Nations' war effort. The province, described as "a loyal member of the British Commonwealth," is mainly agricultural although the economy has been adapted to Britain's wartime industrial needs. Food exports include dried milk and eggs, sorted and checked at a government depot. One dairy farm is now used as an incendiary bullet factory, while the cows stand outside. Less drastic examples of conversion to wartime needs include a flax-spinning mill now manufacturing parachutes and other linen factories producing tail fins for Stirling bombers and making shirts for the forces. Factories also produce Sunderland flying-boats, 6-pounder anti-tank guns and shells. The ship-building industry is of paramount importance.

IWM Film and Video Archive Loans Catalogue (2000)

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Video Clips
1. 'New pipeline serves Allies in Italy' (1:30)
2. 'Ulster at arms' (6:33)
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