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Warwork News No. 3 (1942)

Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

Main image of Warwork News No. 3 (1942)
Production CompanyBritish Paramount News
SponsorMinistry of Supply
From the Imperial War Museum Loan Collection

News item about Allied military operations in Dieppe.

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1. British enter France

This account of the combined operation against Dieppe relies heavily on the commentary to present this raid as a success.

Bostons take off in the dawn and cross the Channel, flying above the naval armada which has already been spotted by an enemy patrol vessel. "Bombs, shells and landing parties were doing their work" according to the commentary, as the film shows Tank Landing Craft and other RN vessels under aerial attack. RAF planes which return to Britain to refuel take off again and weave through the flak above Dieppe "pasting enemy airfields." Reembarkation of invasion forces "was completed within a few minutes of the arranged time; Canada has never had greater cause to be proud of her sons."

Over shots of empty Tank Landing Craft and the wounded being disembarked in Britain the commentary admits that many did not return. A Canadian survivor praises the excellent equipment which was used in the operation and adds "If there had been more of us I am sure that Canadian tanks would be driving through German streets today." The lesson of Dieppe raid is therefore: "We have the quality, now we want the quantity from you (the workers)."

IWM Film and Video Archive Loans Catalogue (2000)

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