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Warwork News No. 38 (1944)

Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

Main image of Warwork News No. 38 (1944)
Production CompanyBritish Paramount News
SponsorMinistry of Supply
From the Imperial War Museum Loan Collection

News items about the escape of Mussolini, the Italian campaign and the health of factory workers.

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1. Duce rescued from captivity

Captured German film of the escape of Mussolini and his arrival at the F├╝hrer's HQ, where he is met by Hitler, Ribbentrop and his son Bruno.

2. 8th in Ortona, 5th go forward

In spite of Nazi threats to victimise the families of Italians who fight against the Germans, Italian soldiers are seen manning artillery on the 5th Army front. The fate of the Italian civil population is suggested by a view of woman retrieving her belongings from a ruined house. But rural life continues as before, and Italian soldiers sit smiling and prepared in an Allied truck marked "Rome or Death."

3. In 1944 YOUR health is the FIRST front

This urges workers to keep up their effort and maintain their health, "for almost the only thing that could stop victory this year is a slowdown on the factory floor." A dramatised sequence shows a malingering worker suffering from a bad conscience as the radio relays Harris' request for one last spurt of effort. Factories have their own health clinics which workers are urged to use. Workers must also wear suitable clothing to avoid injury.

IWM Film and Video Archive Loans Catalogue (2000)

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Video Clips
1. 'Duce rescued from captivity' (1:06)
2. '8th in Ortona, 5th go forward' (1:18)
3. 'In 1944 your health is the first front' (6:38)
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