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Warwork News No. 37 (1943)

Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

Main image of Warwork News No. 37 (1943)
Production CompanyBritish Paramount News
SponsorMinistry of Supply
From the Imperial War Museum Loan Collection

News items about factory canteens, the Italian campaign and the Cairo conference.

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1. Food for thought

This urges all factory workers to take advantage of the nutritious and appetising meals offered them by their canteens instead of taking sandwiches to work, which is a waste of their home rations. The average canteen meal has a very high nutritional value, which is checked by scientists in government laboratories. Lease-lend tinned foods are singled out as excellent and there is praise too for the canteen kitchen staff. The final argument is from the lips of a canteen gourmet who declares "Jolly good grub, I reckon, very tasty, very sweet."

2. Allies resume the offensive

The commentary speaks of the "enemy's retreat which threatens to become a rout" as the film shows the slow progress of the Allied armies, hampered by poor weather. There is a view of the Sangro River, now crossed, and mules used for mountain transport.

3. Surrender or else!

Churchill visits Malta on his way to Cairo. There are formal poses by the Conference participants, and Stalin's absence explained away. The conference decides that Japan must give up all Pacific conquests won since 1914.

IWM Film and Video Archive Loans Catalogue (2000)

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Video Clips
1. 'Food for thought' (4:02)
2. 'Allies resume the offensive' (1:28)
3. 'Surrender or else!' (1:55)
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