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The Rushes Project


Fancy yourself as a filmmaker? Suppose you're a star at storytelling? Ever wondered what it's like to edit your own film?

In filmmaking rushes is the term used to describe the unedited, 'raw' footage shot daily while filming.

The Rushes Project, a new and exciting partnership between BFI Screenonline and Screen West Midlands, aims to put you in the editor's chair. It provides a unique opportunity to see the filmmaking process in action by viewing the rushes from a selection of scenes from films funded by Screen WM.

Using our wonderful editing tool, The Cutting Room, you can cut and splice the rushes together in any way you wish. You can also edit in your own footage, archive material, and even a new soundtrack to create your vision of a scene or make something completely new.

We're launching the project with the rushes from four SWM productions - Special People the debut feature from award-winning director Justin Edgar, The Gloaming - an eerie atmospheric experimental short, Trolley - a short using live action and animation, as well as from Hustle - the highly popular BBC1 series starring Adrian Lester.

You can start editing right away by launching the editing tool, selecting the Library tab, then opening the Rushes folder. We recommend you watch each scene as it appears in the film before looking at the rushes associated with it. Click on the introduction to editing button on the right for some hints and ideas to help get you started.

The project will feature rushes from a growing selection of titles, so do keep checking back for exciting new additions!

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About the films

The Gloaming
The Gloaming
Special People
Special People
Screen West Midlands Heritage Lottery Fund