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Teaching with Film: Introduction to Editing


The short films in this section explore the principles and art of film editing. Using a variety of examples, the films consider the ways in which filmmakers take the basic building blocks of film - shots - and by cutting them together in different ways can create a meaningful story, as well as control the pace and tension or elicit a particular audience response.

An Introduction to Editing

What is editing? How does it affect the way we watch a film? How does it enable a filmmaker to tell a story? By examining the experimental horror, The Gloaming, and the BBC drama series Hustle, this film looks in detail at how editing creates meaning in a film.

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Editing: The Invisible Art

How does a filmmaker's choice of shots and cuts affect the way we watch, understand and enjoy a film? Using a wide range of examples, this short film examines the invisible art of continuity editing.

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Playing with Time

Take a look at what some skilful editing can achieve in our re-edit of The Gloaming.

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