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This month's updates and additions (November 2012)

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Ealing ComedyEternal postwar comedies from 'the studio with team spirit'New analysis
Who's Who at EalingMeet the team at 'the studio with team spirit'NEW


All Hands (1940)A lesson in the cost of careless talk, starring a young John MillsNEW
Did You Ever See a Dream Talking? (1943)Enjoyably daft short in which a spendthrift learns the importance of war savings NEW
Go to Blazes (1942)Comic instructional film on dealing with firebombs, starring Will HayNEW
Happy Family (1939)Ealing's first propaganda film, made to prepare citizens for the coming warNEW
Now You're Talking (1940)Short cautionary tale in which a factory worker is guilty of careless talk NEW
Old Curiosity Shop, The (1934)First sound version of Dickens' heartbreaking saga of Little NellNEW
Rock You Sinners (1957)Lively musical capturing the birth of the rock'n'roll scene in Britain.NEW
Salvage with a Smile (1940)Comic short designed to promote recycling for the war effort NEW
Save Your Shillings and Smile (1943)Tommy Trinder learns the value of wartime savingsNEW
Sea Fort (1940)Early Ealing documentary charting life on board a coastal defence installationNEW
Sky's the Limit, The (1943)Stirring recreation of a WWII bombing raid, made to promote war bondsNEW
The Tommy Steele Story (1957)Early rock'n'roll musical charting the rise to fame of the South London singerNEW
Young Ones, The (1961)Exuberant musical in which Cliff Richard and pals fight to save their youth club NEW
Yellow Caesar (1941)Inventive, hard-hitting satire of the rise of MussoliniNEW
Young Veteran (1940)Poignant Ealing documentary about the young army recruits of early WWIINEW


Drinking for England (1999)Innovative 'docu-musical' in which alcoholics recite their stories in verse and songNEW
John David (1982)Provocative Play for Today in which a mother decides to give up her Down's Syndrome babyNEW
Sudden Wrench, A (1982)A bored housewife trains to be a plumber in this feminist Play for TodayNEW


Baker, Reginald (1896-1985)Producer and senior executive at Ealing Studios for some 30 yearsNEW
Courtauld, Stephen (1883-1967)Textiles scion who financed Ealing for more than two decades NEW
Fowler, Harry (1926-2012)Cockney actor who had a series of youthful roles at EalingNEW
Johns, Mervyn (1899-1992)Welsh character actor who was one of Ealing's most versatile playersNEW
Morgan, Diana (1908-1996)Welsh-born writer who struggled for recognition in the very male world of EalingNEW
Rose, William (1918-1987)American-born writer of The Ladykillers and The MaggieNEW
Slater, John (1916-1975)Long-faced character actor who was a familiar screen presence from the 40s to the 70sNEW

Film Studios and Organisations

Ealing Studios (1938-59)A history of Britain's best-loved film studioNew biography