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Young Ones, The (1982-84)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Summer Holiday', the final episode, originally transmitted on BBC2, 19/6/1984

It is the first day of the summer holidays and the boys sit bored in the garden. Neil goes for a lie down to find a dysunctional family sitting around a television eating dinner in his bedroom. The father ejects Neil from the room and as he leaves he passes Vyvyan, who knocks him unconscious with a cricket bat.

Rick tries to involve the others in a guessing game, with poor results. They go inside and play cricket - using Rick as wickets - ignoring Neil, who keeps bursting in with a cake shouting 'Surprise!' The game ends with Rick unconscious; Vyvyan sets him alight. Mike quickly extinguishes the flames and questions Neil about his outbursts. Neil says it is his birthday and he is throwing a party to which they (and only they) are all invited. The party consists of the boys sitting at home, bored. An argument develops between Rick and Vyvyan so they switch on the television instead, to find the channels have closed down. Vyvyan destroys most of the furniture, and Mike tells Rick that his parents are dead. The landlord, Jerzy Balowski, bursts in through the front windows and evicts them from the house.

After a night on the street, one of the boys' classmates jogs past them and tells them their exam results are through. A postman impersonating Hitler arrives and informs them they have come bottom in the world, with Rick the worst and Neil the best. Mike devises a plan to get them off the streets: they will rob a bank.

They burst into a bank armed with water pistols, but are ignored. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the bank, a real armed robbery is taking place. The police surround the bank; the boys assume it is because of them. Rick accidentally gets hold of the real robber's loot and they begin escaping in Vyvyan's car, which immediately crashes, killing his hamster. Sirens sound and Rick flees. While the others console Vyvyan, Rick steals a double decker bus and all jump aboard. They drive away singing 'Summer Holiday'. While Rick delivers a speech extolling their freedom, Vyvyan drives the bus through a Cliff Richard billboard and over a cliff. The boys are apparently unharmed, until the bus explodes.