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Pobol y Cwm (1974-)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode originally transmitted on BBC1, 10 January 1994

While Eileen and Denzil have breakfast, they get a phone call from their boss, Rhydian. He wants Eileen to help out with the Round Table Bavarian night, but puzzles them by asking Denzil to come as well. They later learn that Rhydian wants him to work on the door in traditional Bavarian costume, but Denzil is embarrassed and refuses to go through with it, despite being threatened with the sack.

Elsewhere, Beth is furious at Hywel but he denies betraying her, especially as he has already covered up the truth at his own expense. Beth's mood is not helped when she finds out the school governors have called an emergency meeting about the poison-pen letters.

At the Deri Arms, Glan and Mrs Mac are discussing a potential new contract with Keith's brewery, and despite Mrs Mac's caution they agree to sign it the following day. Her worries persist, so Stan gives her a number to call so she can check up on Keith with one of his other customers.

Beth is visited by D.S. James. He knows that the story about the poison-pen letters is out, but Beth is convinced he is spreading gossip and ruining her life. She attacks him, and he leaves, urging her to get some psychiatric help. Later, while she waits at the school, Hywel tells Beth that he has heard about the emergency governors' meeting, but wishes her well. He is regretful about their relationship breaking up, and Beth is devastated by his words.

The regulars at the Deri discover that the beer is horrible. Keith arrives for the signing of the contract, but irritates Glan when he pokes fun at the quality of their current beer. But it transpires that Mrs Mac has turned the tables and swapped the barrels to demonstrate that Keith's beer is rancid. Glan gives Keith a flea in his ear, and throws him out of the pub.

Beth prepares to face the meeting of the governors, but falls into a catatonic state. The doctor is called, and the meeting is postponed, despite one of the governors insisting that the business with Beth must be resolved in the near future.

Denzil defies Rhydian, and instead of working, stays at home to look after the babies. However, when he goes upstairs to check on them he is horrified to find that something is wrong with his son John.