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Henry IV Part II: Video Materials

A detailed description of Screenonline's five video extracts

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This is an annotated list of the video clips available for Shakespeare's Henry IV Part II, listed in the order in which the scenes appear in the original play.

To access individual clips, select the relevant production from the sidebar - this is identified by the date after each clip number.

The cast is listed in order of speaking part.

Clip 1 (1979) - Quickly's complaint (3:40)

Act I Scene 1: From "How now, Sir John! what are you brawling here?" to "Let's have her!"

Cast: Ralph Michael (Lord Chief Justice), Brenda Bruce (Hostess Quickly), Anthony Quayle (Falstaff), Brian Poyser (Gower)

Summary: The Lord Chief Justice attempts to mediate between Hostess Quickly and Falstaff on the subject of the latter's unpaid bills and broken promises. The trio reach an uneasy truce.

Clip 2 (1995) - Swaggering Pistol (4:55)

Act II Scene 4: from "Then to you, Mistress Dorothy; I will charge you" to "A rascally slave! I will toss the rogue in a blanket."

Cast: Simon McBurney (Pistol), Jane Horrocks (Doll Tearsheet), David Calder (Falstaff), Elizabeth Spriggs (Hostess Quickly), Geoffrey Hutchings (Bardolph), Daniel Worters (Page)

Summary: Ancient Pistol bursts into the Boar's Head Tavern in Eastcheap and taunts Doll Tearsheet and Hostess Quickly. Falstaff eventually flings him out, and is hailed as a hero by Doll.

Clip 3 (1979) - Uneasy lies the head (3:24)

Act III Scene 1: from "How many thousand of my poorest subjects" to "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown".

Cast: Jon Finch (King Henry IV)

Summary: The King's major soliloquy, in which he confesses to being weighed down by his responsibilities, and envies his subjects for their ability to sleep soundly at night.

Clip 4 (1995) - Hal and the crown (4:44)

Act IV Scene 5: from "Warwick! Gloucester! Clarence!" to "'Gainst all the world will rightfully maintain."

Cast: Ronald Pickup (King Henry IV), John Woodvine (Earl of Warwick), Jonathan Firth (Prince Hal)

Summary: King Henry IV wakes and finds that the crown is no longer at his bedside. Hal admits to having taken it, and after a long soul-searching conversation, father and son are finally reconciled.

Clip 5 (1979) - I know thee not (4:53)

Act V Scene 5: from "Stand here by me, Master Robert Shallow" to "I cannot well perceive how, unless you should give me your doublet and stuff me out with straw".

Cast: Anthony Quayle (Falstaff), Bryan Pringle (Pistol), Robert Eddison (Justice Shallow), David Gwillim (King Henry V)

Summary: Falstaff, accompanied by Ancient Pistol and Justice Shallow, eagerly anticipates the arrival of King Henry V (Prince Hal as was), only to be rejected with a devastating "I know thee not, old man".

Michael Brooke

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