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Henry IV Part I: Video Materials

A detailed description of Screenonline's nine video extracts

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This is an annotated list of the video clips available for Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I, listed in the order in which the scenes appear in the original play.

To access individual clips, select the relevant production from the sidebar - this is identified by the date after each clip number.

The cast is listed in order of speaking part.

Clip 1 (1979) - Hotspur's wrath (3:36)

Act I Scene 3: from "Speak of Mortimer! 'Zounds, I will speak of him" to "Good uncle, tell your tale; I have done".

Cast: Tim Pigott-Smith (Hotspur), Bruce Purchase (Earl of Northumberland), Clive Swift (Earl of Worcester)

Summary: Enraged by the demands made of him by King Henry (who has just departed), Hotspur denounces him and challenges his claim to the throne, saying that his brother Edmund Mortimer has a much stronger lineage.

Clip 2 (1995) - The rightful king? (2:16)

Act I Scene 3: the same scene as above, though the lines are reshuffled somewhat.

Cast: Rufus Sewell (Hotspur), Joseph O'Conor (Earl of Northumberland), Corin Redgrave (Earl of Worcester)

Summary: The same scene as Clip 1, with the addition of a printed family tree to illustrate the ancestral points being made.

Clip 3 (1979) - Falstaff's 'heroism' (4:31)

Act II Scene 4: from "What's the matter?" to "and roared for mercy and still run and roared, as ever I heard bull-calf".

Cast: David Gwillim (Prince Hal), Anthony Quayle (Falstaff), Jack Galloway (Poins), Steven Beard (Peto)

In the Boar's Head tavern, Falstaff gives an increasingly exaggerated account of how he was set upon by an ever-increasing number of men at Gad's Hill. Prince Hal tells him what really happened and mocks him for his cowardice.

Clip 4 (1960) - Admonishing Hal (3:48)

Act III Scene 2: from "The skipping king, he ambled up and down" to "And I will die a hundred thousand deaths ere break the smallest parcel of this vow".

Cast: Tom Fleming (Henry IV), Robert Hardy (Prince Hal)

Summary: The King criticises Prince Hal's conduct as unbecoming someone in line to the throne, and compares him unfavourably with Hotspur. Hal promises to be more attentive to his royal duties.

Clip 5 (1960) - Hotspur's enterprise (3:52)

Act IV Scene 1: from "Well said, my noble Scot" to "And to the fire-eyed maid of smoky war, all hot and bleeding will we offer them".

Cast: Sean Connery (Hotspur), Andrew Faulds (Earl of Douglas), Anthony Valentine (Messenger), Geoffrey Bayldon (Earl of Worcester), Alan Rowe (Sir Richard Vernon)

Summary: In the rebel camp near Shrewsbury, Hotspur receives news of his father's illness, but resolves that this will not affect his plans to overthrow the King. He is similarly unmoved by news that the opposing forces are bigger than expected, and dismisses Prince Hal as "a nimble-footed madcap".

Clip 6 (1979) - Falstaff's rabble (3:51)

Act IV Scene 2: from "Bardolph, get thee before to Coventry" to "the beginning of a feast fits a dull fighter and a keen guest".

Cast: Anthony Quayle (Falstaff), Gordon Gostelow (Bardolph), David Gwillim (Prince Hal), David Buck (Earl of Westmoreland)

Summary: Falstaff attempts to corral his shabby, decrepit rabble in preparation for battle. He bumps into Prince Hal, and explains that he is not bothered about his men's shortcomings, since he only intends to use them as cannon-fodder (or "food for powder").

Clip 7 (1960) - Falstaff's honour (1:32)

Act V Scene 1: from "I would 'twere bed-time, Hal, and all well" to "And there ends my catechism".

Cast: Frank Pettingell (Falstaff), Robert Hardy (Prince Hal, offscreen)

Summary: As the Battle of Shrewsbury gets under way, Falstaff reflects ruefully on the concept of honour, and whether it is possible to square it with his own innate cowardice.

Clip 8 (1960) - Hotspur's defeat (2:48)

Act V Scene 4: from the fight between Hotspur and Prince Hal to "Thy ignominy sleep with thee in the grave, but not remember'd in thy epitaph".

Cast: Robert Hardy (Prince Hal), Sean Connery (Hotspur)

Summary: Hal and Hotspur's climactic fight at the Battle of Shrewsbury ends with the death of Hotspur ("O Harry, thou hast robbed me of my youth") and Hal's eulogy over his corpse.

Bonus (1960) - Complete episode, 'The Road to Shrewsbury' (1:11:18)

The complete episode of An Age of Kings (1960), 'The Road to Shrewsbury' is a 71-minute reduction of the entire second half of Henry IV Part I, from the start of Act III to the end of the play.

Michael Brooke

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