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Oral History

Recordings and transcripts of key film and TV personalities

In this section you'll find interviews with key figures in the history of film and television, taken from archives of the BECTU History Project and The Guardian interviews, held at the National Film Theatre since 1980.

LIONEL BANESCinematographer
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1988)Memories of working at Ealing on Next of Kin and Passport to Pimlico
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1988)His memories of the Schufftan process, Dunning process and BP screens
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1988)The start of his career at Gainsborough Studios
BECTU Interview Part 4 (1988)Lensing for Alfred Hitchcock and film equipment at Gaumont Studios
ALAN BENNETTWriter, Actor, Presenter
The Guardian Interview (1984)On art, literature, culture and life
NICK BROOMFIELDDirector, Producer, Writer
The Guardian Interview (1997)On Fetishes, influences, and the fallout from Juvenile Liaison and Soldier Girls
SID COLEDirector, Producer, Editor
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1987)Memories of Ealing in the '30s and '40s
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1987)An editor at Ealing; observations on directors and Michael Balcon
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1987)Memories of The Adventures of Robin Hood, Lew Grade and Patrick McGoohan
CHARLES CRICHTONDirector, Producer, Writer, Editor
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1987)His career at Ealing Studios as editor and director
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1987)Memories from his career as a director at Ealing
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1987)On the collaborative process and why Ealing stopped making films
BECTU Interview Part 4 (1987)Making programmes and differences between shooting for TV or feature film
TILLY DAYContinuity
The BECTU Interview (1988)Memories of the begining of her career in the film industry
The Guardian Interview (1982)On Memorial Enterprises, Woodfall Films and acting for film
STEPHEN FREARSDirector, Actor, Producer
The Guardian Interview (2000)On working with Cusack, Roberts, Hoffman and skilful crews
The Guardian Interview (1997)On the scripts in his drawer and learning from the greats
BIMBI HARRISCamera, Director, Producer
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1989)Memories of her time at BBC Alexandra Palace and Lime Grove
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1989)Discusses her directorial work in commercial television at ITV
The Guardian Interview (1989)On the techniques of film acting and his love of the medium
BRYAN LANGLEYCinematographer
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1987)Film stock, frame size, Independent Frame and the Schufftan process
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1987)On his early career in silent film at the studios of H.B. Parkinson
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1987)Covering WWII beyond Europe for The War Office Film Unit
BECTU Interview Part 4 (1987)A sighting of Mr Baird and working at BBC studios in the late '50s
MIKE LEIGHDirector, Writer
The Guardian Interview (1983)On sadness, clich├ęs, influences and pre-production
DENNIS MAIN WILSONProducer, Director
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1991)The making of a Sammy Davis Junior special for the BBC
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1991)Memories from his successful career producing hit television comedy shows
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1991)Early career in Light Entertainment and music programmes
BECTU Interview Part 4 (1991)Observations on the production and screening of Till Death Us Do Part
KAY MANDERDirector, Producer, Editor, Writer
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1988)How Basic Films was formed, a putsch at the company and some highlights
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1988)The making of Highland Doctor and views on the documentary tradition
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1988)Memories of working at Shell Film Unit from start of career to Penicillin
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1988)Memories of a career in the film business
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1988)Continuity on The Prisoner, Black Beauty and Born Free
CHRIS MENGESCinematographer, Director
The Guardian Interview (1988)On filming in Asia, the Amazon and on a blue screen
The Guardian Interview (1994)On Rumpole's success and broadcast campaigner Mary Whitehouse
ALAN PARKERDirector, Producer, Writer
The Guardian Interview (1991)On movie stars, critics and executives
ROY PARKINSONProduction Manager
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1987)Memories of his father making silent films to his career up to the 1940s
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1987)The work of a production manager and how it has changed over time
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1987)MGM-UK in the late 1940s where he was a second assistant director
PETER PROUDArt Director, Production Designer
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1987)Film memories from Hitchcock to the Second World War
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1987)Memories of a career in television and his foray into commercials
BECTU Interview Part 1 (1988)How Conquest of Everest finally got made
BECTU Interview Part 2 (1988)A newcomer's look at the 1930s documentary scene
BECTU Interview Part 3 (1988)Highlights from his career at Realist Films and Crown Film Unit
BECTU Interview Part 4 (1988)Evocative descriptions of making The Man from Aran from the field hand
BECTU Interview Part 5 (1988)Making The Song of Ceylon and working with Basil Wright
PETER USTINOVActor, Director, Presenter, Author
The Guardian Interview (1990)Entertains with anecdotes about the army, alcohol and Americans
Image of Alfred Hitchcock