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Martin, Doris (1906-1993)


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Doris Martin was born in Haringay, London, in 1906. She entered the film industry as a secretary to producer Earl St. John when he was based at Paramount's British offices. She left a few years later to become the assistant to the talent scout Donovan Pedelty. When Pedelty moved into directing, Martin shadowed the continuity girls on the set. Eventually, she got the chance to do continuity herself on Early Birds (Ireland/UK, d. Donovan Pedelty, 1936) at Highbury Studios. After the war (during which she worked in a hospital in Northern Ireland), she applied to Marylebone Studios where she assisted in making accident prevention films for the RAF at Manston.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Martin returned to feature film production, working with directors John E. Blakeley (What A Carry On!, 1949), John Durst (The Secret Cave, 1953) and Vernon Sewell (Radio Cab Murder, 1954). She also worked as a script supervisor on the television series The Buccaneers (1956 - 57), Adventures of Sir Lancelot (ATV, 1957) and Sword of Freedom (ATV, 1958-59).

Between 1960 and 1980, Martin's numerous continuity credits include Danger Man (ITV, 1964-69) and The Prisoner (ITC, 1967-68); the flying units of the first three Superman films and (d. Richard Donner/Richard Lester, 1978/80/83), Supergirl (d. Jeannot Szwarc, 1984) and a special unit on Return To Oz (US, d. Walter Murch, 1985).

Doris Martin was a committed member of the ACTT serving on the camera/script and supervisors/stills departments for several years.

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