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Fenton, George (1950-)


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George Fenton has been a successful composer on major British and American films for more than 20 years. Classically trained, he found fame with his Oscar-nominated collaborative score for Gandhi (UK/India, d. Richard Attenborough, 1982), and proved adaptable across many musical and film genres.

His astutely contextual music for Ken Loach films (Land and Freedom, UK/Germany/Spain, 1994; My Name is Joe, UK/France/Germany/Italy/Spain, 1998) has been attuned to the film-maker's vision. He also produced powerful scores for Dangerous Liaisons (US, d. Stephen Frears, 1988, Oscar-nominated), Shadowlands (UK/US, d. Richard Attenborough, 1993), and The Madness Of King George (UK/US, d. Nicholas Hytner, 1994). He also founded the Association of Professional Composers.

Tim Roman, Encyclopedia of British Film

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