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Topical Budget 245-2: The Dublin Rebellion (1916)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"THE DUBLIN REBELLION. Exclusive pictures of the scene of the fighting in Dublin. The ruins of Sackville Street. River Liffey and Embankment, British Troops and Artillery marching through the streets of Dublin. Soldiers on guard over a ruined building". Panning long shot from right to left over ruined buildings to bridge over the river and view down Sackville Street with rubble, ruined buildings and people walking about. River Liffey seen from middle of the bridge. Soldiers marching down street. Horse-drawn artillery passing down street. Closer shot of this. Civilians standing by piles of smoking rubble. Similar shot, camera tilting up to show full damage done to tall building. Rear view of soldiers marching beyond pile of rubble and a fallen lamppost. Panning shot of three soldiers on guard beside a pile of rubble and brick. Long shot of the Four Courts building. "The Post Office and Metropole Hotel after the battle, the interior of the Post Office which is completely gutted. Sackville St ruins". Wall of ruined building. Pan to the right and the Four Courts. Panning shot of gutted interior of the Post Office. Shot repeated. Fire engine outside building. Camera tilts up as fire engine ladder elevates and goes past twisted metal. Civilians clearing area of smoking rubble. "A street barricade, batches of rebels being marched off to the Quay, one of the looted shops, soldiers on guard having their meals in the street". Close shot of broken windows, with sandbags positioned in open windows beneath. Soldier standing on guard in open area beside street barricade made of planks of wood and ladders. Armed troops marching along street past camera followed by covered wagon. Crowd of civilians standing outside a shop with the windows all smashed. Close shot of three soldiers sitting beside a wall and eating.

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