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Topical Budget: Ireland

TB witnessed and recorded one of Ireland's most turbulent periods

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In 1931, the Pathé Gazette newsreel held a poll among its audiences to determine which was the most popular of a selection of stories featured over the past twenty-one years. Top of the poll came the coronation of King George V in 1911; next came scenes from the First World War, the King's illness (1928), the R101 airship disaster (1930), the investiture of the Prince of Wales (1911), the spectacular burning of Smyrna (1922), and the British Empire Exhibition (1924). Bottom came 'pictures of Soviet Russia' and 'war conditions in Ireland'.

The poll is an interesting reflection of what one newsreel felt were the highlights of its past, and a not surprising reflection of audience tastes. It is an indication of the commitment to hard news stories, for which the newsreels of this time aren't always given credit, that Topical Budget devoted between ten and twenty percent of its output to Ireland in the early 1920s, covering the creation of the Irish Free State and the ensuing civil war. Its coverage was extensive, varied, and relatively free from comment. Its stance was the declared position of the British government, hoping for an equitable peace settlement and upholding the validity of the Irish Free State. Chiefly it was interested in providing dramatic pictures, and these it was able to provide in abundance.

The background history comes from the growing Irish demands for Home Rule that began in the 1870s. Ireland was then united with Great Britain as a single country, following the Act of Union in 1801. After two Home Rules bills had failed, the Liberals introduced a third in 1912, only for it to be shelved on the outset of the First World War. A rebellion took place in Dublin in Easter 1916, which sought immediate independence for Ireland and proclaimed a provisional Irish Republic. The rebellion was overturned and the leaders executed by the British.

The process resumed after the war, with Ireland being given dominion status in December 1921. However, this excluded six of the nine counties of Ulster, where the Protestant majority wanted to remain with Great Britain, and which was given limited self-government as Northern Ireland. The Irish Free State was proclaimed on 6 December 1922, but it was held to be unacceptable by Eamonn de Valera's Fianna Fáil party, which sought independence for the totality of Ireland. Civil war ensued, which lasted through into 1923.

Luke McKernan

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