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The GPO Film Unit: 1938

The year of North Sea, plus animated classics by McLaren and Reiniger

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Films produced by the GPO Film Unit in 1938 include:

Distress Call
Shorter, silent version of North Sea (see below). Demonstrates how the ship-to-shore radio service safeguards the lives of seamen on board a distressed vessel during a heavy storm..

God's Chillun
An account of the slave trade in the West Indies, and the islands' emancipation.

GPO Film Display
A compilation of extracts from GPO films, probably intended for showing by mobile cinemas.

The Horsey Mail
Delivery of mails to Horsey village, Norfolk, during a period of floods.

How The Telephone Works
The principles of sound transmission are explained by means of animated diagrams and a boy's model telephone. The film then goes on to show the component parts of the microphone and receiver of a modern telephone and to show how the apparatus works.

The H.P.O.
Silhouette film advertising the Post Office Greetings Telegram service.

Love on the Wing
Animated publicity film for Empire Air Mail.

Mony a Pickle
Various Scottish people demonstrate the virtues of thrift, with the aid of the Post Office Savings Bank.

News for the Navy
The course of a letter posted in London to a sailor aboard the fictional HMS Incredible.

North Sea
Reconstruction of an incident in 1937 in which an Aberdeen trawler got into distress and the radio service saved them.

Penny Journey - The Story of a Postcard from Manchester to Graffham
How a post card posted in Manchester reaches its destination in Graffham, Sussex.

Speaking From America
Explanation of the broad principles of the radio-telephone system between Britain and America.

The Tocher
A silhouette fairy tale film about a man who wins his true love with the help of the "wee folk" - and a Post Office Savings book.

What's On Today
The preparations made by the GPO to enable the press and the BBC to cover a major sporting event, in this instance, the Manx T.T. motor-cycle races.

The Wires Go Underground
The history and development of inter city underground cable networks, 1899-1938.

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Thumbnail image of God's Chillun (1938)God's Chillun (1938)

Auden-scripted Britten-scored account of the history of the slave trade

Thumbnail image of H.P.O., The (1938)H.P.O., The (1938)

Animated commercial for the 'Heavenly Post Office'

Thumbnail image of Horsey Mail, The (1938)Horsey Mail, The (1938)

How two postmen defied the Norfolk floods to get the mail delivered

Thumbnail image of Love on the Wing (1938)Love on the Wing (1938)

A dazzling feat of hand-drawn animation ostensibly advertising airmail

Thumbnail image of Mony a Pickle (1938)Mony a Pickle (1938)

A film advocating thrift by use of the Post Office Savings Bank

Thumbnail image of News for the Navy (1938)News for the Navy (1938)

The course of a letter posted in London to a sailor aboard his ship

Thumbnail image of North Sea (1938)North Sea (1938)

Exciting 'reconstructed' documentary following a trawler in peril

Thumbnail image of Penny Journey (1938)Penny Journey (1938)

How a postcard posted in Manchester reaches its destination in Sussex

Thumbnail image of Tocher, The (1938)Tocher, The (1938)

A silhouette fairy tale about a man who enlists the help of the 'wee folk'.

Thumbnail image of What's On Today (1938)What's On Today (1938)

How the GPO and BBC join forces to cover major sporting events

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