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The GPO Film Unit: 1934

Granton Trawler, Pett and Pott, Song of Ceylon and others

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Films produced by the GPO Film Unit in 1934 include:

Air Post
What happens to airmail between posting and delivery.

Britain's Countryside
Every industrial area in Britain has its countryside: South London, the farmlands of Surrey and Sussex, the hills of Wales, West Lancashire, North of the Clyde, the Western Isles.

Conquering Space - The Story of Modern Communications
Appraisal of the benefit to mankind of new discoveries in the field of communication.

The Forth Bridge and other approaches to Edinburgh lead up to some views of the Castle and other historic buildings with shots of present-day streets and the characteristic "closes" of Edinburgh.

Get On The Telephone
No information available.

The Glorious Sixth of June - An Epic of Human Endeavour
A tongue in cheek drama which portrays how news of a general reduction in GPO charges was finally brought to parliament and the people despite attempts by the country's enemies to prevent the announcement.

Granton Trawler
The work of a trawler on the Viking Bank in the North Sea..

How to Tie a Parcel
No information available.

John Atkins Saves Up
The clerk John Atkins puts five shillings into the Post Office Savings Bank every week of his life. But the cover girl on a holiday magazine at the tube station sets him dreaming about a place called Summersea...

The development of early steam locomotives, using scale models from the Science Museum.

Making a Sand Mould and Casting Aluminium Alloy
Detailed technique of making a mould and casting aluminium.

Market Place
A short description of the work of the Post Office in relation to the life of a typical market town.

Methods of Communication
Primitive and modern, simple and comlex means of communication in Britain today: how barriers of distance are overcome by instantaneous telegraphic and telephonic communication.

Negombo Coast
Everyday life in Ceylon, with a special emphasis on the fishing industry.

The New Operator
A recruitment film for the Post Office explaining the importance of the work of telephone operators.

Pett and Pott - A Fairy Story of the Suburbs
Promotes the use of the telephone, using a story of two neighbouring households, the Petts (conventional but happy) and the Potts (unconventional and quarrelsome).

Post Haste
Three hundred years of Post Office history illustrated "using documents at the British Museum and the Postal Museum, Tottenham and contemporary quotations".

Savings Bank
The work and methods of the Post Office Savings Bank.

6:30 Collection
The work of the Western District sorting office in London.

The Song of Ceylon
Documentary about lives and customs in what is now Sri Lanka.

St James's Park
Documentary on the facilities and beauty of St. James's Park.

Telephone (Abstract)
Trailer encouraging the use of the telephone, showing how it is man's first recourse in emergencies.

Under the City
The intricacies of public service cables and tunnels underground in London.

Weather Forecast
Post Office services in relation to the work of the Meteorological Office.

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Thumbnail image of 6.30 Collection (1934)6.30 Collection (1934)

GPO documentary showing a postal sorting office at work

Thumbnail image of Air Post (1934)Air Post (1934)

What happens to airmail between posting and delivery

Thumbnail image of Glorious Sixth of June, The (1934)Glorious Sixth of June, The (1934)

A very silly cloak-and-dagger romp starring Humphrey Jennings (!)

Thumbnail image of Granton Trawler (1934)Granton Trawler (1934)

The work of a trawler on the Viking Bank in the North Sea

Thumbnail image of John Atkins Saves Up (1934)John Atkins Saves Up (1934)

A romantic comedy about the work of the Post Office savings bank

Thumbnail image of Pett and Pott (1934)Pett and Pott (1934)

Cavalcanti-directed comedy made to advertise the telephone

Thumbnail image of Song of Ceylon (1934)Song of Ceylon (1934)

Beautiful documentary about what is now Sri Lanka

Thumbnail image of Weather Forecast (1934)Weather Forecast (1934)

Documentary about the science and technology of weather forecasting

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