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World Pictorial News No. 240 (1945)

Courtesy of Imperial War Museum

Main image of World Pictorial News No. 240 (1945)
Production CompanyWorld Pictorial News
SponsorMinistry of Information (Middle East)
EditorCharles Martin
CommentaryRobert Noble
From the Imperial War Museum Loan Collection

News items from December 1945 from Berlin, the Far East and Washington, where Clement Attlee meets Harry S Truman.

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1. News from Europe

Children are relocated from the streets of bombed-out and unsanitary Berlin to outlying agricultural regions such as Oldenburg, to live temporarily with farmers and other rural dwellers. Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the International War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg, including prison facilities for the defendants: former Hitler colleagues Goering, von Ribbentrop, Seyss-Inquart, Doenitz, Streicher. In s'Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, the Dutch celebrate the first anniversary of their liberation by placing flowers on the graves of British soldiers and airmen.

2. News from the Far East

HMS Tumult transfers British and Australian ex-prisoners (from Korea) to HMS Colossus, the latter's aircraft hangar being used as a temporary dormitory. Royal Navy officers entertain the children of French settlers at their Headquarters in Saigon. In New Delhi, Field Marshal Lord Archibald Wavell and General Claude J E Auchinleck are presented with the Legion of Merit. Chinese civilians carry banners in a crowded street during a parade celebrating "National Day".

3. Attlee visits America

British Prime Minister Clement Attlee arrives by official car at the White House and is met by United States President Harry S Truman and his Secretary of State, Mr James F Byrnes. President Truman, Prime Minister Attlee and Canadian Prime Minister W L MacKenzie King lay commemorative wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC. Truman and Attlee board the presidential yacht Sequoia for secret talks. Attlee addresses Congress, his speech stressing his hope for increased cooperation between Britain and the United States and more tolerance between the nations of the world.

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