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Brothers In Trouble (1995)

Main image of Brothers In Trouble (1995)
DirectorUdayan Prasad
Production CompanyBBC Films, Renegade Films, Kinowelt Filmproduktion, Paris Mikado Films
ProducerRobert Buckler
ScreenplayRobert Buckler
Original NovelAbdullah Hussein
CinematographyAlan Almond
EditorBarrie Vince
MusicStephen Warbeck

A group of illegal immigrants from Pakistan find their already troubled existence threatened with a crisis when one of them brings a pregnant white girl to live in their crammed household.

Video Clips

1. Amir's arrival (4:53)
2. Bringing home Mary (2:23)
3. Mary's baby (4:07)

What do you think?

Watch the first extract, 'Amir's arrival'

  1. What effect does the music have in the opening sequence?
  2. How does Amir appear when we first see him? Why do you think this is?
  3. What is the house like where Abdul spends his first night?
  4. Why do you think Amir's roommate says 'the first night's always the worst'?

Watch the second extract, 'Bringing home Mary'

  1. Why is Amir so afraid of Mary? What could happen if he was right?
  1. The Pakistani music is at odds with the distinctly British scenery of a Midlands town on a rainy grey day.
  2. Amir seems very disorientated, nervous and dishevelled. He's probably had a very long and stressful (and illegal!) journey to Britain.
  3. The house appears squalid, cold and bare. It must be very disorientating and difficult to leave one's own home for a new unknown country.
  4. Amir thinks Mary could be a police informant. He's scared that she might report them as illegal immigrants which might mean prison or deportation.