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Sapphire and Steel (1979-82)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Adventure 2, Episode 1

George Tully, a man in his fifties, lights an oil lamp and walks across a dark and deserted railway station platform. He enters one of the rooms and places lighted candles at the foot of the front and back entrances and another on the stairs. He then switches on his tape recorder and speaks to the room, saying that he wants to help and can be trusted. He puts the tape recorder on the stairs, picks up the candle and walks up to the landing. He sees Steel walk toward him from the other side of the footpath. Steel asks Tully what he is doing there. Tully tells him that for the last two months he has been trying to get in touch with a ghost that is haunting the station. Steel blows out the candle and walks back down the stairs, snapping the threads that Tully had drawn across the steps. Steel tells him that he is also investigating, but is after something more important than a mere ghost.

Steel is contacted telepathically by Sapphire and joins her on the platform. She tells him that although it is late October, the platform feels as though it is summer. She takes him back in to the station, which once had a hotel attached. They check some of the rooms and in one of them Sapphire's outfit is momentarily transformed into a summer dress. Steel appears unaffected by the room and deduces that the force must be more interested in her. They hear whistling from the platform and go to investigate. They find fresh summer flowers in the flowerpots. Tully tells them that this is a frequent occurrence, but that they never last long.

Sapphire introduces herself to Tully and while shaking hands is able to ensure that he is human and not a manifestation of the force they have been sent to counteract. Sapphire returns to the upstairs room, where she finds the number eleven written four times on the window glass. She also picks up a corsage of summer flowers. The whistling is heard again, now clearly identifiable as the World War I song 'Pack Up Your Troubles'. While on the platform, Sapphire's clothes change again and she is able to hear the sound of a marching band and of men approaching. Steel tells her telepathically that she must leave immediately.