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Hazell (1978-80)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode summary: 'Hazell Meets the First Eleven' (tx. 13/12/1978)

After receiving a poorly spelled anonymous letter, Mr Courtney hires James Hazell to investigate the background of Jonathan Clayton, the new boyfriend of his daughter Sarah. Hazell goes to see Mrs Courtney and sees a well-dressed man leave her house just as he arrives. Mrs Courtney tells Hazell that her daughter Sarah will be coming in to a very large inheritance when she turns eighteen in a few days time. Clayton is apparently well off, but after receiving the anonymous letter they are uncertain as to his suitability.

Hazell is invited to dinner that evening to meet Sarah and is presented as someone interested in buying the Courtney villa in Portugal. Jonathan arrives late, saying that he only just got back from a business trip to Holland. Hazell recognises him as the man he saw leaving the house earlier that day. Hazell, slightly out of his depth in the upper-class surroundings, has trouble mixing in with the dinner guests, and soon Jonathan and he are baiting each other. Dinner is interrupted when the Claytons' young son, Henry, comes downstairs. He is largely housebound due to his asthma and is mainly looked after by the housekeeper. At the end of the evening, Hazell lets Jonathan know that he suspects that he is having an affair with Mrs Courtney.

Hazell discovers that Jonathan is not an orphan as he claims and is of modest origins. Jonathan admits that he really makes his living through ownership of a chain of porn shops and that he did have an affair with Mrs Courtney, but broke it off when he fell in love with Sarah. Hazell tells Sarah that he is really a private investigator and informs her of what he knows about Jonathan. She says that she doesn't care and that her parents aren't actually interested in her welfare, just her money, as they have been having financial problems of late.

At Sarah's eighteenth birthday party, Mrs Courtney breaks off her daughter's engagement by telling her of the affair she had with Jonathan. Hazell accuses Mrs Courtney of having written the anonymous letter, but belatedly realises that it was really her young son.