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Keeping Up Appearances (1990-95)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

The Candlelight Supper, originally transmitted on BBC1 on 15 September 1991

Hyacinth takes a call from the department of refuse service officers in response to her complaint about collection vehicles taking a shortcut down her avenue; "It gives the impression that I specialise in superfluous amounts of garbage."

Next door, Emmet is looking forward to some gardening - until he spies Hyacinth outside and he becomes reluctant to venture forth. Elizabeth suggests that he engage Hyacinth in conversation, but he replies that this would be almost as bad as having her sing.

Hyacinth's horticultural activities are disturbed by another call, this time from her sister, Violet. She will be unable to attend Hyacinth's candlelight supper this evening as she has nothing to wear; her husband, Bruce, has donned all her best clothes. Hyacinth instructs Violet that she must start wearing the trousers at home, and Violet replies that she already is.

Onslow and Daisy are in bed, pondering the meaning of life, when they are interrupted by Rose, who announces that her date, Mr Halliwell, is going to pick her up that evening. Her exhortations to tidy the house fall on deaf ears, however.

Meanwhile, Emmet is cornered by Hyacinth in the garden. After inviting him and Elizabeth to her supper - "Nothing formal, just lounge suit and tie" - she exits, singing 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning'. When Emmet gives Elizabeth the news she reflects that there are three things in life that are inevitable: death, taxes and invitations to Hyacinth's candlelight suppers.

Hyacinth interrupts her preparations for the evening to accost a local dog walker, whose canine had earlier left an unwanted deposit in her garden. While taking coffee with Elizabeth (who nervously opts for a beaker rather than Hyacinth's best china), she fields a second telephone call from Violet, and another from son Sheridan, who is once again in need of funds.

Despairing at the disorder of Onslow and Daisy's house, Rose decides to meet Mr Halliwell at Hyacinth's instead. Unfortunately another boyfriend, Boris, pursues her, leading to fisticuffs between the rival suitors on Hyacinth's doorstep while the party is in progress. Attempting to ignore this furore, Hyacinth treats Elizabeth and Emmet (now hotly pursued by Rose) to a voluble performance on the piano - which at least serves to get rid of the unwanted guests outside.