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George and Mildred (1976-79)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Jumble Pie', originally transmitted on ITV, 14 November 1977

Mildred Roper tells her husband George that their budgie has died. George decides he will bury it. Meanwhile, their neighbours, Jeffrey and Ann Fourmile, sort out donations for a church jumble sale. Jeffrey complains about the fact that their son, Tristram, is undertaking sex education classes at school. He clumsily attempts to explain the life cycle of the tadpole to the child.

Mildred visits the Fourmiles. She decides she will also find some donations for the jumble sale.

The vicar visits the Fourmiles to collect donations for the sale. Jeffrey complains to him about pornography in society. Afterwards, at the Ropers' house, George asks the vicar if budgies go to heaven. Their donations are then taken away. Mildred discovers she has inadvertently donated George's collection of pornographic magazines, hidden beneath some gardening periodicals, in a box labelled with her name. She worries about the damage this will do to her reputation in the community.

At the jumble sale, the vicar rummages in Mildred's box. Jeffrey, serving on the stall, notices the adult magazines and hides them from the vicar.

The Ropers arrive. George attempts to retrieve his magazines. Jeffrey makes George pay five pounds for them, but tricks him into taking home a box filled only with gardening magazines. Later, George discovers this deceit. The Ropers visit the Fourmiles' house. Jeffrey claims that he has burned the pornographic magazines. Unexpectedly, Ann enters, revealing that she has found the magazines on top of Jeffrey's wardrobe. Jeffrey is humiliated; George and Mildred are amused.