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Terry and June (1979-87)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Disco Fever', originally transmitted 26 September 1980
Written by John Kane, produced by Peter Whitmore

Terry Medford, a sales rep for a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, explains to his wife June that the chairman of his firm has appointed his young nephew as head of personnel and a big shake-up is in progress. Some older employees have already been made redundant, and Terry fears that he may be next.

At work next day, Malcolm, Terry's immediate superior, calls him into his office to tell him that the chairman's nephew is in charge of organising the firm's annual dance. He has decided to break with tradition and hold it at a disco in a deliberate effort, Malcolm speculates, to embarrass the more 'out of touch' members of the company. To avoid humiliation, therefore, he has a book explaining the various steps and moves, but his attempts to practice with Terry end in confusion and failure.

Undaunted, Terry decides that he and June will learn disco dancing at a local evening class. When they arrive and take their coats off, June mocks Terry for his open shirt and medallion and casts doubt on their ability to keep up with much younger and fitter dancers at their time of life. Terry dismisses her concerns until the door opens and the room is filled with dauntingly athletic dancers. They make a fair effort on the dance floor but Terry rushes from the room in horror when he sees his reflection in the mirror.

On the night of the dance, Terry has opted to dress soberly and not to attempt any of the dances. Malcolm appears in an improvised a disco-dancing outfit (in fact a modified safari suit) with his niece Linda, whom Terry recognises as one of the young and vigorous dancers from his evening class.

Malcolm and Linda make for the dance floor as the chairman, Sir Dennis Hodge, joins Terry and June. Rather than take offence at the couple's reluctance to join in the dancing, he calls Terry a man of integrity for not giving in to his nephew's fads. He tells him that he will be taking his nephew out of his personnel role and returning him to the mailing department, thus ending Terry's worries over his own position.

Malcolm staggers back to the bar clutching his back, and Sir Dennis, with newfound enthusiasm, escorts Linda back to the floor. Malcolm complains of back pains, and Terry diagnoses 'slipped disco'.