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Home Sweet Home (1982)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Early one morning Gordon, a postman, cycles to the local sorting office to collect his post for the day. He chats to two co-workers, Stan and Harold. Hazel, Gordon's wife notices Stan on his rounds and invites him in for a cup of tea. Stan tells her that he is divorced, with a fourteen year-old daughter in a care home. She gives him a tour of the house and before he leaves, Hazel asks him over for Sunday lunch one week. Stan and Gordon have lunch together.

That evening Harold returns home to his wife, June, who has cooked him dinner. After dinner, the couple drink tea; June reads a romantic novel and chides Harold for his juvenile comments and jokes.

The next day Stan receives a visit from a woman called Melody from Social Services. She is concerned that Stan has only visited his daughter, Tina, four times in the last year. She reminds him to go and visit her on Sunday.

Gordon complains to Hazel that his trousers are too tight. They argue and she tells him he is too fat and that he needs to go on a diet. She compares his physique to Stan. Meanwhile Harold and June are at home. June watches a sentimental soap opera on television.

Stan makes a trip to the laundrette, where he meets a woman. They go for a drink , then Stan takes her home. After they have sex, Stan is keen for her to leave. As she is walking out of the house, he asks her her name. Janice, she tells him.

The next day Hazel invites Stan for another cup of tea. Hazel flirts with Stan. She mentions Sunday lunch again and he leaves.

When he gets home, Stan gets a call from Melody berating him for not going to see Tina the previous day. Stan visits Hazel [June? - MD], with whom he has been having an affair. He asks her if she wants him and she says she doesn't know. He threatens to leave if she doesn't make up her mind. He goes upstairs and she follows him.

June lies in bed with a headache that she believes is tension-induced. She shouts at Harold for irritating her, not understanding her and not realising how desirable she is.

On Wednesday, Stan visits Tina at the home. Melody leaves father and daughter alone for a few minutes until they are interrupted by one of Tina's friends, Kelly. Tina and Kelly have a small argument. Melody returns and suggests that Tina spend the upcoming weekend with Stan. He nonchalantly agrees.

On Sunday Tina helps Hazel prepare Sunday lunch. Stan arrives home with a drunk Harold. Tina, Stan, Hazel and Harold eat lunch together and afterwards go for a walk on which Harold struggles to keep up with the others.

The foursome goes to Stan's house for tea. Stan puts Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' on the gramophone. Hazel does the washing up in the kitchen and Stan joins her. Tina sees them kiss. Tina goes upstairs to pack; Stan follows her and gives her some money. June drops in to see Stan for a private chat. Gordon shouts at Hazel for mothering and nagging Tina and then Gordon storms out of the house. Not having succeeded in having Stan to herself, June leaves. Outside she bumps into Harold on his way home. Stan drives Tina back to the home while Hazel and Stan stand on the street screaming insults at each other.

In bed that evening, June tells Harold about her affair with Stan. At first he thinks it is a joke but when he realises the truth, he asks her to end the relationship. She doesn't answer.

Stan receives a visit from a man called Dave from Social Services, who explains that he is Melody's replacement. He embarks on a long, euphemistic monologue that starts with his concern for Tina but soon goes off on unrelated tangents. Stan listens and watches in disbelief and confusion.