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Oh Boy! (1958-59)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Edition originally transmitted on 30/5/1959

Main title. Spotlight on stage, curtains open, a man and backing group comprising, Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, Dickie Pride and Billy Fury sing 'At the Hop' (lyrics changed for show); The Vernon Girls sing 'Rip it up' (01:10); four men, from the Dallas Boys, sing 'Lonesome Traveller', everyone joins in including, at the end, Tony Hall. Presenter Jimmy Henney on stage, introduces show and tries to sing, interrupted by Tony Hall who introduces Lord Rockingham's XI. The band perform 'Ra Ra Rockingham'. Brief shots of Red Price and Benny Green. Cuddly Dudley sings 'Let's Rock Baby, Let's Roll'. Billy Fury sings 'Don't Want You Anymore', backed by the Vernon Girls. Lord Rockingham's XI perform 'Hey Hey Loobey Do' (?). Marty Wilde sings 'All American Boy'. Dickie Pride sings 'Slippin' and a Slidin'' (?). Peter Elliott sings 'When I Grow too Old to Dream'. Lord Rockingham's XI perform 'When the Saints Go Marchin' in' joined by Dallas Boys and Vernon Girls, then by Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde.

Dallas Boys and Vernon Girls sing and dance to an unidentified song. Unidentified singer sings 'Water, Water, She Gave Me Water Not from the Well' (16:36). Mike Preston performs 'Dirty Old Town'. Cliff Richard sings 'Turn Me Loose'. Neville Taylor and The Cutters perform 'She's A Good Good'. Comic song 'Percy Green' performed by Don Lang. Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde and Dickie Pride sing 'Three Cool Cats' - three Vernon Girls dance to the song. Jimmy Henney finishes his song, Tony Hall takes over says its the last show of the season and thanks lighting man Jimmy Boyers (?), says goodbye. Marty Wilde sings a song and is joined by Cliff Richard and Lord Rockingham's XI; credits roll over song.