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Goodies, The (1970-82)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Montreux '72: Kitten Kong, originally transmitted BBC2 9 April 1972

Bill is busy preparing dinner. Graeme and Tim return home from the International Chess Championships. Bill serves roast chicken with all the trimmings and dessert to Bunter the Guinea Pig while the Goodies eat soggy lettuce and potato peelings. After a disagreement, Bill announces he is paid £30 for looking after Bunter. This inspires an idea for a moneymaking scheme -The Goodies Animal Clinic.

Tim and Bill round up the neighbourhood's 'loony' animals, including a large snake, a white kitten and a great dane. At the clinic, Graeme treats an assortment of animals, from a depressed mongoose and a vampire bat that is afraid of the dark to two singing dogs.

The Goodies take their respective animals - kitten (Tim), tortoise (Graeme), and Great Dane (Bill) - to the park for some exercise. The kitten drags Tim all over the park and around the children's playground before finally coming to a rest up a tree. The kitten is coaxed down by Graeme and Bill, but Tim remains in the tree for four days.

After being fed Graeme's growth mixture, Twinkle the kitten has grown into a giant. Bill puts the cat out allowing Twinkle to escape. The Goodies search for Twinkle by following his large paw prints. They encounter a group of people and dogs running in the opposite direction and quickly join them after witnessing the kitten demolish a lamppost.

Twinkle's occupation of London dominates the television news. He is seen knocking over the GPO Tower and popping out of St Paul's Cathedral's dome; his giant paw squashes reporter Michael Aspel.

Graeme has developed an antidote to the growth mixture. Dressed as mice, the Goodies set out to find Twinkle. They attach a balloon and a propeller to their trandem and rise up in the air to confront Twinkle with a large hypodermic needle. Bill falls off into Twinkle's paw, enabling Graeme to administer the antidote. Twinkle shrinks to his normal size and the Goodies celebrate too enthusiastically - the needle penetrates the balloon, sending them whizzing across the sky ultimately leaving them attached to Concorde's nose cone.

The business venture over, they attempt to wrap up the pets and send them back to their owners. The growth mixture has mysteriously diminished, with only one plausible explanation. Giant mice crash through the walls and the Goodies strive to combat them by hastily feeding Twinkle more growth mixture.