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Teachers (2001-04)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

At the pub, teachers Simon, Kurt, Brian and Susan have a drink; Susan mentions she is going to apply for the Head of Year job. Simon thinks she will become 'one of them' and tells her not too. Simon spends the night with his girlfriend Maggie, a policewoman, and ends up late for school. Jenny, who is acting head of year, catches him sneaking into class, and tells him she is going for the job as well, much to Simon's dismay. After his lesson he smokes a joint with Arnie, one of his pupils.

Simon apologies to Jenny for calling her boring and saying he wanted to sleep with her; she makes it awkward for him. The headmistress, Claire, is carrying out the interviews, and Jenny and Susan discuss interview tactics. Simon decides to support Susan, fearing that Jenny will get the job. He fantasises about being walked like a dog on a leash by Jenny, who is dressed as a leather-clad dominatrix.

Jenny has caught Arnie with cannabis. Claire wants to summon the police and wants Simon to sit in. Simon talks to Maggie, who agrees to have an informal chat with Arnie. The following morning Simon tells Jenny that the Arnie situation is under control. Simon is worried about his involvement in it, and talks to Arnie. He agrees not to talk if Simon gives him straight 'A's.

At the parents' evening, Simon gives Arnie a glowing report to his parents, when Jenny comes over and mentions the cannabis. Jenny and Simon argue in front of the bemused parents over the details and course of action. Arnie makes Simon sweat a bit when it seems as if he is going to grass him up.

The next day Susan and Jenny are interviewed. Jenny seems to do better, but Susan gets the job, to the delight of the others. Simon, who is already cagey about anyone knowing he is going out with a policewoman, is shocked to discover that Claire has invited Maggie to talk in front of the whole school. Maggie lets slip that she is Simon's girlfriend, and some of the staff and pupils make fun of him. Simon is stand-offish, and so Maggie declines his invitation out.