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Blake's 7 (1978-81)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 13 - 'Blake'Originally transmitted on BBC1 21st December 1981

The crew members of the sleek spacecraft, Scorpio, depart from the planet Xenon and almost immediately a set of explosives destroys their underground base.

Their recent attempt to unify the Federation's opponents ended in failure but Avon resolves to find a figurehead to focus the power of the scattered rebels. To the amazement of his companions his candidate is the legendary, long believed dead Blake, who has been traced to Gauda Prime where he is believed to be operating as a bounty hunter.

This would appear to be true as on Gauda Prime, a scarred and grizzled Blake apprehends Arlen, a young woman apparently on the run from the Federation. He takes her back to a base, ostensibly to collect his reward money.

Scorpio is attacked by gun ships. Vila, Dayna and Soolin teleport onto Gauda Prime's surface, but Tarrant is unable to leave the controls. Avon is therefore the last to teleport and Tarrant remains onboard, crash landing in a vast forest.

Blake finds him badly injured in the wreck of Scorpio, helps him to his flier and they set off for the base complex. Meanwhile, Avon rescues Soolin, Dayna and Vila from two murderous bounty hunters. Using their flier, they pursue Blake's craft, unaware of its occupants.

At the base, Blake deftly disarms Tarrant and announces he is aware that Avon is following them to the complex. He implies he will hand over his prisoner to the Federation for the bounty, but Tarrant manages to escape. As Blake discusses the consequences with his colleague, Deva, it becomes evident he is merely screening potential recruits to form an army against the Federation.

Avon, Dayna, Vila and Soolin arrive at the base and Tarrant mistakenly informs them that Blake has betrayed them.

Blake confronts Avon, who aims a gun at his old friend, instructing him to stand still. Tarrant's news has left him in turmoil and when Blake continues to approach, he shoots. The blood-soaked fighter falls to the floor, dead.

Arlen reveals herself to be a Federation agent, shooting both Deva and Dayna, before Vila punches her unconscious. However, Federation guards swarm into the complex, shooting Vila, Soolin and Tarrant. They surround Avon, who stands astride Blake, slowly raises his sidearm and smiles.

Avon's gun can be heard firing once. A cacophony of shots from Federation weapons forms the chilling reply.