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No Hiding Place (1959-67)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Home Posting' (never transmitted, 1966)

Corporal Johns persuades Lance Corporal Smith to man the 1st Downshire Regiment's (South Counties Brigade) armoury, while Johns keeps a date with the 'available' wife of Sergeant Harold Black. Moments later, Black and Lieutenant David Morrison enter the guardroom, leaving Smith fatally wounded and taking a dozen Sterling submachine guns. Captain Holly of the Army Investigation Branch contacts Scotland Yard. Lockhart, Russell and Perryman arrive as Johns is placed under close arrest for dereliction of duty and complicity in Smith's murder.

In married quarters, Sheila Morrison argues with her husband and Black over an unspecified plan to obtain £20,000. Lockhart and Holly question Betty Black, who denies Johns' story, but Perryman has discovered that she has a record of conspiracy to rob and soliciting. Lockhart suspects the arms theft was intended to camouflage a premeditated killing, and seems vindicated when Russell announces that ten of the stolen guns have been retrieved from a culvert. A weapons inventory confirms that a .38 pistol was also taken. Johns tells Lockhart that Black is a Sergeant Instructor in unarmed combat, just as Perryman reports that Smith's death was no accident, but the result of two deliberate and expertly-administered blows to the neck.

During a search of Black's quarters, Russell becomes suspicious; following a violent struggle, he produces the missing revolver from inside Black's battledress jacket. Sheila Morrison remains determined to go ahead with her plan, the robbery of an Army payroll truck. Outside Guildford, the Morrisons don balaclava helmets, while Betty Black positions herself on the road as the apparent victim of a hit and run. The three hold up the surprised occupants of the Army vehicle at gunpoint. Sheila realises that the strongboxes containing the payroll money are bolted to the floor of the truck. In attempting to shoot the locks open, she causes a ricochet which kills Betty.

When Holly and Lockhart hear of this incident, they inform Black that "two men" wearing masks were responsible for his wife's death, and he breaks down in tears.

Back in quarters, David Morrison wallows in self-disgust, ashamed to put on his uniform again, but Sheila is cooking up a story to explain Betty's absence. Russell and Perryman arrive to find Sheila clutching one of the Sterling submachine guns, which her husband has taken the precaution of unloading.

Sergeant Black and Lieutenant Morrison sign their confessions in the presence of Holly and Lockhart.