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Liver Birds, The (1969-79)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Series two, episode three, originally transmitted on BBC1, 7 January 1971

With cheap package holidays newly available to working people, Sandra and Beryl are eager to sample the delights of sunny Spain, but household costs and a passion for fashion are eating their hard earned cash. Sandra tots up their household expenditure for the week; their weakness for new clothes has left them with nothing but IOUs in their savings and little hope of a holiday in nearby New Brighton, let alone Spain.

Sandra decides that the only way to raise cash is to sell Beryl's treasured antique, a commode she bought for a song in a local junk shop. While hotly debating its worth, Beryl drops the commode's plain white china chamber pot. The quest begins to find a replacement, starting with a visit to Sandra's boyfriend Wilf, whose father runs a junk shop. Wilf thinks the commode is in good condition and will fetch fifty pounds at auction. Sandra persuades him to help them look for a new pot. Wilf's Dad suspects he's entertaining his friends in the shop; Sandra pretends she's interested in using an ornate china chamber pot as a plant container and ends up parting with five of her hard earned shillings.

Walking home with the chamber pot, they are the butt of everyone's jokes. Sandra sticks a plant in it and puts it on the shelf by her bed. They go to meet Wilf at an antique auction; waving at Wilf, Sandra inadvertently bids for a china ornament. Beryl fancies the auctioneer and gets Wilf to introduce him. Wilf finds them a new pot and says he will bid for it for them. They go home to get ready for the evening. Wilf arrives with the pot but it's is too small for the commode. Beryl has a brainwave and decides to use Sandra's chamber pot instead and smashes off the handle to make it fit. The auctioneer arrives; he's more interested in Sandra's chamber pot than the commode, which would be very valuable undamaged. Beryl frantically searches for the handle, Wilf offers them some super glue and says his dad will sell the pot in London. The auctioneer and Wilf bid for the pot, the girls get thirty quid for it and buy four fish suppers to celebrate.