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Bergerac (1981-91)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Second Time Around', originally transmitted on BBC1 on 23 December 1989
Written by Ian Kennedy Martin, directed by Peter Ellis

David Mason, with his girlfriend Elizabeth and old associate Damien, plans revenge on his ex-partners, led by Tilson and Edward, who were responsible for sending him to jail eight years earlier. The plan is to let Tilson's men execute a robbery and then steal the proceeds before ensuring that the police arrest the gang. Contrary to the plan, David kills Edward, handcuffing him to a cast iron bench and throwing him into the swimming pool. Elizabeth and Damien are furious with David but elect to continue with their criminal scheme.

Jim Bergerac is investigating the murder and discovers that some shady characters, one of whom fits Tilson's description, had recently visited Edward. He concludes that Edward and the others were probably involved in a South African currency robbery eight years earlier. He interviews Elizabeth, who is the bank representative who was involved at the time, not realising that she is David's girlfriend. Jim visits Charlie, who is in hospital, to ask about Moise Davidson, who may have helped fence the goods stolen in the robbery. Charlie worries that the antiques Moise sold him may be stolen and decides to track him down.

Elizabeth accepts Jim's offer of dinner to find out how the investigation is proceeding - he is convinced the murder is related to David's recent release from prison and the older robbery. He also believes that Tilson is in Jersey planning to repeat the crime when couriers from South Africa next arrive.

Elizabeth provides Tilson with details on when she will be picking up the South Africans from the airport. He has been having an affair with Elizabeth, not realising her connection to David. Jim and his colleague Willy find Tilson and chase him by car and boat, but he gets away when rescued by helicopter, which was also used in the original robbery. Jim finds out when the couriers are due to land but arrives too late. Tilson and his men steal the money and kill one of the South Africans before driving away with Elizabeth. Damien waits for Tilson near the helicopter rendezvous point and, using a high-powered rifle, kills all the men in line with David's instructions. Willy later arrests Damien while he tries to escape. Charlie tracks down Moise but David is already there and ties them up. Jim follows David to Moise's house and with Charlie's help arrests him and Elizabeth.