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Man in a Suitcase (1967-68)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode: 'Day of Execution' (tx. 11/10/1967), written by Philip Broadley, directed by Charles Crichton

McGill and his new girlfriend Moira leave a party. As a car drives past, the passenger threatens McGill, calling him 'Mariocki'. McGill tells Moira that he has never heard that name before. He takes his drunken friend Willard home with him. McGill receives a threatening phone call, again calling him 'Mariocki'.

The next morning McGill and Willard reminisce about their college days together. Willard apologises for his drunkenness, admitting that that he is a coward. The dry cleaners return McGill's clothes, but the delivery also includes a suit labelled 'Mariocki'. After leaving Moira's apartment, a funeral wreath is thrown at McGill's feet. It has a ribbon with the words 'Mariocki midnight' written on it.

McGill drives away and realises he is being followed. He chases the car and eventually finds it abandoned. It is a duplicate of his own, even with the same number plate. Back at his apartment, he finds a pair of shoes left there, and the suit he received that morning is now on a stand. He takes out his gun from his suitcase, but it has been jammed. He receives another threatening phone call, saying that he will be killed at midnight. McGill drops Willard off at the airport and goes to the inquiry desk when a Mr Mariocki is paged. He collects a photograph of a man lying dead in the street.

McGill says goodbye to Moira, telling her that his life is too dangerous. Willard lets himself into McGill's apartment. He admits that he was the one that earlier put Mariocki's items there. He brings a note with the word 'Beirut' written on it. The gang beat him to make him betray McGill, who now recognises the dead man in the photograph. He shot him many years before during a drugs operation in Beirut when he was still working for the CIA.

Moira is tricked into going to McGill's apartment. As midnight approaches, McGill makes Willard promise to pay him $10,000 to save him. The gang members come to the door of the apartment. McGill places the clothes stand just inside the door and sets fire to it, then lights the wick on a bottle full of inflammable fluid. The men burst through the door and are momentarily distracted by the fire. McGill throws the bottle and the explosion subdues them, allowing Willard and Moira to escape. She looks back briefly, but keeps running.