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Bit of Fry and Laurie, A (1989-95)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

A man goes into a shop and loudly asks for condoms, while muttering under his breath for the new Jason Donovan single. The shopkeeper repeats the singer's name out loud, causing the man to leave the shop in embarrassment.

Witty, a foreign office official in the Middle East, brings the Ambassador a message that invasion is imminent. However the Ambassador is preoccupied with Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas. He only takes action when Witty informs him that the rehearsal room will be targeted.

A collection of vox-pops.

Displaying a large ampersand, Fry explains its usage. Laurie shows his collection of ampersands from other television series and Fry explains how one is used on a computer.

Two men meet to fight a duel. Sir David chooses the sword and Mr Van Hoyle the pistol. Sir David points out they should be using the same weapon. They need to find two of something to settle their dispute. Mr Tollenby, the referee, produces two handkerchiefs, but the duel cannot commence because he needs another one to drop.

Another collection of vox-pops.

Two Americans from the Deep South sing a song affirming that Kicking Ass will solve the world's problems.

Vox-pop. Woman thinks animal testing is a bad idea because they give silly answers.

Two former estate agents run a petrol station. A woman attempts to buy some petrol. They sell it to her as if she is buying property, contacting Mrs Mobil and arranging an appointment. Addressing the camera, the woman makes an appeal to the audience to donate £50 for a gun to put all estate agents out of our misery.

A man fishing in a suit describes his employment career including being a freelance nudist and Princess Anne's assistant.

More Vox-pops.

A businessman formalises a deal with a businesswoman from Strom. Her translator helps to translate from English into Strom until the words 'after sale service' offend the woman. She slaps the businessman and leaves. Both men leave the room for a cooling-off period. An empty set is accompanied by subtitled commentary. The camera turns its attention to the audience. The action resumes and the two men fight while the subtitled commentary continues.

The show concludes with the customary cocktail recipe. This week's is 'A slow snog with a long distant relative.'