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Emergency - Ward 10 (1957-67)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode originally transmitted on ITV on 9 June 1964
Directed by Cecil Petty, written by Basil Dawson

Dr Frances Whitney arrives at the hospital with Guy Marshall, inspiring jealousy in Dr Beckett. Beckett tells her that he is unhappy with the way Sister Carole Young dealt with patient Mick Doyle the night before. Doyle is an Australian sports reporter, brought in for an ulcer complaint, whose stress was exacerbated when Carole refused to let him make an urgent phone call.

Doyle receives a visitor, his colleague Jim Singleton. He is relieved when Singleton tells him that the report of a player's injury was a gag and Doyle didn't need to phone it through to his editor. Doyle is concerned that people know of his alcoholic past and will consider him unreliable, but Singleton assures him that his editor knows nothing of his condition and that Doyle need not be replaced as reporter on the next test match. Singleton suggests Doyle hires a private room, complete with television and phone, and relays his commentary from his hospital bed. Although alarmed at the potential cost, Doyle is taken with the idea and sets about organising it. However, he is less impressed by Singleton's final piece of news - Doyle's ex-fiancée May Gorton, who he abandoned, is in the country and Singleton has told her where Doyle is.

Chris Anderson tells Carole of his plans to go on holiday to Jamaica with his mother. She, however, is preoccupied with the events of the night before and feels she acted wrongly. Chris tries to put her mind at rest but tells her that such decisions are part of her new responsibilities and that, if they are weighing too heavily, she should consider her position.

Carole meets up with Miriam, who introduces her to Jane Drew, a teacher struggling to control some wayward pupils. She's placed two of them on detention, but when she returns to the school, she finds they have not completed their work. The children bait her, and in frustration, she strikes a boy, Eric Poole, with a cane, then collapses.

Doyle is visited in his private room by May, who threatens to tell his editor about his pretence of being at the match unless he agrees to renew their partnership.

Jane is advised by Dr Gordon to undergo hospital tests on her weak condition. He tells her that Eric's eyesight may be permanently affected by his injuries.