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Chinese Detective, The (1981-82)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Release', originally transmitted on BBC1 on 30 April 1981

Jack Bros, an East End gangster, catches his wife and Jimmy Mellor having an affair and throws Mellor out of the window. Later Detective Sergeant John Ho interrogates Mrs Bros and learns that Jack Bros may have information about Detective Marley Harris, who planted drugs on Ho's father before sending him to prison, when Ho was still a child. Ho wants revenge on Harris and has been after him ever since joining the force. Ho confronts Bros about Harris and his criminal activities.

Jack Bros kidnaps Rosy's father in order to blackmail Rosy, an old rival, into taking part in a bank job. Rosy agrees to take on the job. Ho confides to his father about his lead on Harris. His father tells him not to mistake feelings of guilt for revenge. Ho feels guilty for doubting his father's innocence. He is prepared to let the matter go but he still wants to meet Harris.

Jack Bros makes contact with Ho, offering to help him find Harris, as long as he agrees to his demands. Ho's partner wants nothing to do with the plans and warns Ho not to go it alone. Ho meets Detective Harris, but doesn't reveal his true identity. His relationship with girlfriend May is also under stress because of his commitment to his work. She leaves him, claiming that he is too impatient to love anyone.

Ho is sent to catch Rosy, while Rosy is attempting to rob the bank. Despite being unarmed, Ho rushes to the scene of the robbery, where he crashes into Rosy's getaway car.

Rosy's elderly father and Jack Bros watch the proceedings. Bros is distracted by his hostage and crashes his car while trying to escape. All are caught and Bros is sent to prison. Ho is reprimanded by his superiors but, aware of his talent, they are unwilling to dismiss him.