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Dixon of Dock Green (1955-76)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'The Rotten Apple' (BBC, tx. 11/8/1956)

When it turns out that The Captain, prime suspect of a series of local thefts, is innocent, there is puzzlement at Dock Green police station as to the true culprit. Another break-in - making sixteen in all - further perplexes the Dock Green police station.

New police recruit, young PC Tom Carr, is a charismatic new face at the station. His bonhomie and seemingly endless funds make him attractive company to his colleagues, including Andy, Mary and Grace, who enjoy going out of an evening, often at his expense.

Meanwhile, Dixon deals with petty crime, in particular a complaint from Maurie Weitzman, a soft-touch moneylender, who complains about a client who never pays his dues. When the of the individual is identified as young Tom Carr, Dixon discusses the situation with Grace Millard. Grace describes how Carr likes to flash his money around, play the young hero, and backs 'the gee-gees'.

Dixon decides to visit Carr at his digs, where he finds his young colleague putting on his police uniform. Dixon knocks, and demands to know where Carr gets his money from. When Carr replies that he wins a bit on the horses, Dixon asks why he doesn't pay back his debts: he doesn't like 'welshers'. Carr implies that George 'looks after' Maurie. At this cheap accusation, Dixon loses his temper, insisting Carr make a statement at the police station. In the fracas, Carr's corruption is revealed when he inadvertently uncovers a cup stolen in a burglary from Alderman Mayhew. Dixon, outraged, demands that Carr remove his uniform.