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Edge of Darkness (1985)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 6 - 'Fusion'(originally transmitted on BBC1 9th December 1985)

Ronnie Craven is in an army hospital following his exposure to plutonium at the Northmoor nuclear waste disposal plant. He is visited by Pendleton, who wants to know where the stolen plutonium is. Craven only knows that Darius Jedburgh has it. After Pendleton leaves, Craven imagines a nurse to be his dead daughter Emma, who gives him a black flower and tells him that she didn't tell him about the GAIA expedition into Northmoor because he was "on their side".

Meanwhile Jedburgh, on the run with the plutonium, has killed four American agents who were pursuing him. He makes his way to Scotland, where he plays golf at Gleneagles. He too is suffering from radiation sickness.

Craven discharges himself from hospital. Clementine telephones Harcourt to tell him that Craven intends to get the plutonium back. Harcourt instructs her to tell Craven Jedburgh's whereabouts.

A government Minister tells Harcourt that he knew about the production of plutonium at Northmoor and that Harcourt's involvement was designed to hide the British government's knowledge from the Americans.

Before departing for Scotland, Craven tells Clementine that he's left a report about his investigation with his bank manager and that he wants it to go to GAIA. He explains he hasn't long to live.

At the NATO conference on Directed Energy Weapons at the Gleneagles Hotel, Jerry Grogan, president of the Fusion Corporation of Kansas, delivers a messianic speech, describing space as a new frontier for the USA and her allies. Meanwhile Craven, increasingly ill as he travels to Scotland, has a conversation with Emma in which she explains the GAIA thesis that 'the planet will protect itself'.

Jedburgh responds to Grogan's speech and warns of the dangers of the nuclear state and Grogan's vision. Mass panic erupts as Jedburgh produces two bars of the stolen plutonium and irradiates Grogan.

Craven tracks Jedburgh to the guest house where he is staying. They discuss their attitude towards GAIA; Jedburgh is fatalistic about man's destructiveness, while Craven expresses Emma's view that the planet will prevail. An SAS-style unit arrives. Jedburgh shoots several soldiers before being killed. Craven doesn't resist and is left alone because he's "on our side". He insists that he's not.

Harcourt describes how the plutonium was retrieved from Loch Lednock, supervised by Grogan, with Craven looking on from a hillside. Some time later, Emma's black flowers grow in the snow on a mountainside.