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Chef! (1993-96)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

The Big Cheese, originally transmitted BBC1 25/2/1993

It is Gareth's day off, and Janice is livid that he has spent the day - yet again - cooking. Her furious tirade, however, is halted when she tastes his new creation, a salmon mousse. It is, she admits, divine. Gareth confides that the celebrated chef, Albert Roux, is to visit Le Chateau. The two agree that the salmon mousse isn't good enough, and set to work together.

The next morning, the kitchen staff are ecstatic over the mousse. Piers is just ecstatic, rhapsodising a vegetable terrine that is aesthetically beautiful but inedible. Meanwhile, Gareth has other problems: he is determined that he will serve Albert with a stunning English Stilton. The unpasteurised variety, however, is nowhere to be had. Eventually, a tip off sends him to a farm some miles away. The cheese is perfect but, on his way back, Gareth is stopped by a police officer; the farm, it transpires, has been cultivating cannabis, and someone at Le Chateau staff is known to be a customer. Gareth vows revenge on Everton.

Gareth returns to his kitchen in foul temper, not helped by the discovery that his staff have been coping perfectly well without him. He unleashes his full fury upon the hapless Everton, until Piers inadvertently reveals that he is the true culprit. Gareth is doubly angry at being forced to apologise to Everton, and calls the police. Piers is desperate, until Gareth reveals that the call was a fake.

Albert delivers his order, but horrifies Gareth by requesting that he choose for him. Gareth realises that Albert will know that whatever he chooses will represent the best he has to offer, but refuses to play ball, deliberately not choosing his best main course.

Later, Gareth sits with Albert in the now empty dining room. Albert complements him on the food, particularly on the salmon mousse. He has one request, however: where, he asks, did he manage to get hold of his unpasteurised Stilton?