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Tucker's Luck (1983-85)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Series 1, episode 7, BBC2, tx. 21/4/1983

Tucker, Tommy and Alan set off for a day's work with Alan's dad. Tucker has just received his provisional driving licence and is planning to get a motorbike. Mr Humphries drives them to a house where a ditch is full of sewage. While the three lads are baling out the water, Tucker asks Alan whether his dad would lend him £60 for a motorbike. That night Tucker asks his mum the same question, and is refused.

Next day, Mr Humphries and Alan use a rod to unblock the drains: Tommy is positioned at the other end. A build up of gas forces a sudden surge of sewage up the pipe and all over Tommy. On the way home, Tucker picks some flowers for his mum in a bid to persuade her to lend him the money. Tucker meets Merv, who is selling an old motorbike, and they take it for a spin. Later, Tucker's mum lends him the money.

Tucker rides the bike to Mr Humphries' building yard, before leaving with Mr Humphries to pick up some cement. While they are gone, Tommy takes the motorbike for a ride. On their return, Tucker sees Tommy and calls to him. Tommy is startled and careers off the road, narrowly missing a man fishing, and into a canal. A fight almost breaks out between Tucker and Tommy as Mr Humphries intervenes. They winch the bike out of the canal and Mr Humphries explains how to get it road worthy again. Back at the yard, it's payday for the three lads, although Tucker and Tommy raise objections over the size of their pay packet.

With his bike back on the road, Tucker goes to see his girlfriend Allison, only to find that she has already left for the cinema. Passmore shows up and pushes Tucker off his bike. Tucker gets back on his bike and chases Passmore. He just misses a woman and several cars, including one driven by Allison's dad, before crashing.

Over at the cinema, Allison is waiting for Tucker when Passmore arrives. They talk and then leave together. When Tucker turns up, he finds Allison gone. Back at home, Tucker runs into his mum as she is leaving. She asks him whether he is being careful on his bike. He tells her he has, but breathes a sigh of relief when she leaves.