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Bond, The (1965)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Preparations are being made for the wedding of Sally and Chris. Sally puts on her wedding dress as her family excitedly get ready. Chris nervously prepares for the wedding with his best man, Jeff. A jaded vicar conducts the wedding ceremony and the happy couple drive off for their honeymoon in Paris.

In a montage of short sequences Chris and Sally look at photos of the wedding with friends; Chris and Jeff take photos of Sally in a sports car; they get dressed and drink coffee before running for a bus; Sally goes out shopping while Chris is at work. The daily routine continues with Sally shopping and Chris at work.

Over breakfast Chris and Sally argue as the novelty of married life wears off and the first cracks in their marriage begin to show. A friend of Sally asks if she misses working, while her mother asks when she's going to have children. Two years have passed since the wedding day.

Sally discusses going back to work, but Chris clearly doesn't want her to work. Sally imagines herself as a Victorian housewife. They go to a party where Sally tells someone she used to be a dress designer and in response to the question "What are you now?" she replies "Nothing, I'm married". Jeff flirts with Sally and she dances with him after hearing Chris tell someone it's his wife's job to stay at home. They have a row when they get home and Sally imagines Chris strangling her.

When Chris goes off to Stockholm on business Sally goes to see Jeff and confides in him. She visits a friend at the seaside where she grew up and then goes to see her parents. At a family dinner Sally listens to her relatives talking about how hard their generation had it and how all the old values are dying. Sally responds with a long speech, giving her views about marriage and family life. Later, Sally waits at the airport for Chris to return.