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Century Falls (1993)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 4, originally transmitted on 10 March 1993

The mansion's servant girl, Julia, reveals that it was she who sought out Richard Naismith and had him bring her grand scheme to fruition. Julia wins blind old Miss Cooper over to their cause with memories of how it was when she taught children at the local school and promises that Century can be reborn and bring those times back.

Tess has been thrown out by her mother - Mrs Hunter refuses to believe her unborn child is in danger. In the Harkness sisters' shop, Esme explains to Tess that Century was a sharing of the villagers' psychic mind under the guidance of Josiah Naismith, father of Richard. Esme reflects sadly on the monster they created.

Attempting to prove the truth, May Harkness takes Mrs Hunter to a clearing in the forest where in 1963 the villagers burned all the old children's belongings, to take away the pain of what they now realised they would never have again. Mrs Hunter then sees a ghostly little girl beckoning towards her. The girl disappears and Mrs Hunter runs off, panicked.

Above the shop, Esme continues her story of how the 'creature' Century burned down the temple and killed 40 villagers, including Josiah Naismith. Tess sees Alice Harkness's face in the vision Esme describes. Alice had been the vessel for Century's power and it destroyed her mind. Esme realises that if Tess saw this, she too must have psychic powers.

Esme wonders, however, why Richard Naismith has brought Mrs Hunter here. Tess realises her mother was adopted and has no knowledge of her real family. Naismith has brought back one of the last children of Century Falls. Esme, May and Tess break into the Hunter home and reveal to Tess's mother her origins and her part in Naismith's plan.

Ben and Carey Naismith want answers and meet with their Uncle Richard and Julia - revealed to them is Josiah, badly burned, a mindless wreck saved from the fire and hidden in the mansion since 1953. Julia and Richard want to recruit Ben and his incredible psychic abilities to their grand plan: to drag the past of 1953 into the present day so that Century can be reborn. Julia turns Ben's personal frustrations against him, and despite Carey's protests, he agrees to help.

Ben is driven to the waterfall where he conjures up a 'firefall', a magnificent display of his true powers.