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Children's Ward/Ward, The (1989-2000)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Series five, Episode seven, originally transmitted on ITV on 24 November 1992
Written by Kay Mellor, directed by Peter Boisseau, produced by Russell T Davies

Gillian's secret has been revealed - she has hidden her newborn baby away. She is only 14 and, as she confides to the nurses, has concealed her pregnancy by being overweight. She had her baby in the bathroom at home while her parents were downstairs watching Coronation Street. The baby's name is Jenny.

Nurse Diane Meadows has worries about her own pregnancy, while Nurse Keely Johnson also relates to Gillian's predicament - she too came into South Park as a teenage mum. Keely explains to Gillian the massive responsibility having a child will be.

Diane breaks the news to Gillian's parents - they can hardly believe it. Gillian is such a shy girl; they didn't even know she had a boyfriend.

The ward staff have taken Gary's friend Yasmin aside for a quiet talk - they are concerned about what she is hiding but she struggles to explain they have it all wrong. She looks out onto the ward and realises Gary, despite an injured arm and an earlier spleen operation, has gone - he is now on the run despite being in obvious pain. Yasmin and the doctors set off in a car to track him down.

Keely is visited by Billy Ryan, the estranged father of her child - he is doing some building work at the hospital. She has other romantic issues: she is avoiding Nurse Rob, after mistakenly kissing him (he's a married man) the previous day.

Gary seeks sanctuary at a ruined church. Now quite delirious, he has visions, flashbacks to his childhood and a menacing figure walking towards him, into his room.

Keely and Billy meet at lunchtime for a chat. They talk about Gillian's baby and wonder if the girl and her older parents can somehow raise the baby as their own. Keely and Billy still have their own problems but Billy admits he still loves her.

Yasmin and the Doctors find Gary in a bad state at the old church. As Dr Gallagher leans over him to help, Gary sees his father leaning over him, calmly telling Gary that this is all is fault and he shouldn't have looked at him that way. Yasmin tells them that Gary's father would hit him with a belt and that's why he ran away from home. But is there more to it than Yasmin knows?