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Emmerdale Farm - The 1970s


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 322 (tx. 18/5/1976) - "Henry Wilks sees off Mr Sharp"

Matt is repairing a dry stone wall when Derek appears to ask if Matt is prepared to judge the sheep competition. Matt suspects that Derek's father only suggested him as a judge because he knew Matt's sheep are the best around. Derek admits that his dad did have an ulterior motive, but Matt should consider it a compliment and think about it.

Sam is fretting to Annie. Joe is estranged from his wife Christine Sharp, and her wealthy father has threatened to take Joe's share of the farm as a divorce settlement. Sam can't believe that Christine is behind it, but is angry that the wealthy are trying to take from such a relatively poor family. Meanwhile Joe is helping Matt, and explains that Mr Sharp has found out about his relationship with Kathy Gimbel and is threatening to make trouble.

At the Woolpack Inn, Sharp has come to see Henry Wilks about the divorce, but he is pestered by Amos. Sharp keeps his business to himself until Amos lets slip that he knows something about Joe and Kathy. Amos is horrified when Sharp threatens to have him summoned when the divorce gets to court.

Back at the farm, Henry arrives suddenly and ushers Annie to the Woolpack, saying that they will pick up Joe on the way. They arrive at the pub and Sharp is surprised that Annie and Joe are at the meeting, but he sits with them and asks if they are going to make an offer. Henry admits to Sharp that Christine has a right to half of Joe's share in Emmerdale, but he turns the tables on Sharp by saying that legally Joe also has a right to half of Christine's share in Sharp's farm because she is wealthier. Sharp is trapped, and Henry tells him that there will be no claim on either side if he lets things drop. Sharp agrees and storms out.

Next morning, Sam is altogether more cheerful. Joe rings Kathy to tell her about Sharp being seen off, but Annie looks concerned when he arranges to go on another date with her. Later at the Woolpack, Amos and Henry celebrate the sale of their old premises, while Joe meets Kathy at home for lunch and they discuss the future. Annie and Sam sit at Emmerdale thinking of Jack, and both of them contemplate the forthcoming summer.