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Crossroads - The 1970s


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 2247, originally transmitted on ITV, 31 December 1974

Shughie McFee is rather bloodily preparing his New Year haggis while giving Burns's address. Mr Booth is sceptical about Shughie's claims to be a piper, and Sandy also hears his claims and asks him to pipe the haggis in that night. Shughie feigns disappoint and claims not to have his pipes with him, thereby increasing Mr Booth's scepticism.

Keith Willet is taking out Dot Smith, to the surprise of Amy, who thought he was setting his cap at Vera Downend. Meanwhile, Bob Powell is not pleased to be visited by his estranged wife Anne. He doesn't want to discuss their divorce, but she has only come to collect some of her belongings. He demands the key back when she's finished but then relents. They wish each other a happy new year.

At the motel, Vera comes in to see Willet, and to Sandy's surprise he returns without his date and takes Vera out. Meg and Hugh visit the kitchen, where Shughie is holding forth in Mr Booth's absence. Shughie brags about his piping skills, but is stunned when Mr Booth returns with a set of bagpipes.

Sandy is in the office when Brian Jarvis arrives to ask him for a New Year drink. Meanwhile, Bob is alone getting drunk when he decides to ring David at the motel but gets a wrong number. Eventually he gets through to the operator.

Brian finds David Hunter in his office working, and tries to tempt him out, but David insists on continuing work. At that moment, Bob rings and insists that David comes round to see him immediately; when David refuses, he hangs up abruptly. David is worried about him.

Meg has finished dressing for dinner, and Hugh is very complimentary about her dress. They discuss the departing year, but Hugh insists that they should look forward to their future. Out in the lobby, Mr Booth is amazed to hear that Amy has heard Shughie practising the pipes. He is so sure of himself that he sends Amy to get Meg and Hugh so that they will see Shughie's failure. In the kitchen Shughie is resplendent in Buchanan tartan, and dismisses Mr Booth so he can begin his piping. As he starts piping and enters the lobby Mr Booth dashes back to the kitchen and finds a tape recorder playing the pipes. He turns it off and everyone laughs uproariously at Shughie's comeuppance.