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Crossroads - The 1980s


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 3530, originally transmitted on ITV, 11 November 1981

Iris is comforting Glenda about the fact that she is pregnant - something that Glenda wants and can't have. At the Brownlows' place, Kevin finds out that Iris is pregnant and is worried about Glenda, but Glenda returns and assures him she is OK.

At the motel, Meg explains to Jill that the guest Sam Hurst is actually the artist Sam Norton under an assumed name. Jill remembers that he was involved in an arson incident in which his wife and children died, and has spent time in a mental home to recover.

In the lobby, Sharon Metcalfe appears and chats to Diane. She meets Adam Chance, who offers her a job in the garage. Sharon agrees to run the garage on condition of more money, and Adam seems to think they'll get on very well. Meg meets with Sam; he wants to leave because the past has caught up with him. She tries to dissuade him, and he interests her with his talk of beginning again. He leaves the office just as David Hunter enters. Meg exchanges pleasantries, but she is shocked when David tells her that his wife Barbara is leaving him. He in turn is stunned when Meg announces that she is leaving and that he can have the motel to himself.

The Brownlows discuss Iris and Ron before heading off to the firework display at the motel. The revellers enjoy the bonfire and sparklers; virtually all of the staff are outside the motel apart from Meg and Adam. Sam stares at the flames thoughtfully.

In the motel Adam is about to hand over desk duty to Meg, but she asks him to delay for 45 minutes. He agrees, especially as she seems very drowsy because of her tranquilizers. She seems confused, and despite wanting to see Jill urgently, just asks Adam to send her to her office when he finds her. She thanks him and goes off to rest. Some youths enter the lobby then depart again, and Adam is concerned that they are up to something. He meets David outside and tells him about the youths, but is stunned by the news that David is now majority shareholder.

Benny is upset that Sam is leaving, but before he can react Jill sees that the motel is on fire. The staff look on in horror as the motel burns to the ground.