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Bread (1986-91)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode originally transmitted on BBC1, 15 January 1987

Aveline goes to Manchester to audition for a modelling job, knocking at Grandad's house next door on the way. Nellie shouts out the time, and Billy, Jack and Adrian come downstairs for breakfast. Joey enters wearing a dinner suit. Nellie says morning prayers, Billy takes Grandad his breakfast. Adrian is redundant and has to sign on at the local social security office. The clerk Martina gasps in horror when he says his name. Another man jumps the queue, threatening Adrian and Martina. Joey arrives and demands the release of his brother; he tells Martina he has just read the latest government booklet on benefit rights.

Jack sits on the cathedral steps resisting the offer of a gold bracelet a friend is trying to sell him. Jack suspects it's stolen but the friend swears he found it in the shopping precinct; he gives in and buys it. Billy is with Julie, his pregnant girlfriend, who is having contractions and wants Billy to call an ambulance. Billy goes to tell his mother the baby is on the way, Nellie gets out the whiskey and they all have a drink while Joey goes to help Julie. Aveline rings and announces she didn't get the job and is too ashamed to come home; she hangs up. Nellie panics and calls the police. The ambulance arrives followed by the police; Billy and Jack jump in their clapped out old vehicles to follow the ambulance. Nellie runs out telling Joey to go after them as they're drunk. The police chase Joey as he pursues Billy, Jack and the ambulance across the city.

In a cornfield, Adrian chats with his girlfriend Carmen about all the places they've made love. Carmen says it will be better next time, but Adrian is confused and upset. At the hospital, Jack and Joey discuss the meaning of life as they wait for news. Billy is in a state of shock after watching the birth. Nellie blesses Julie, the baby and the new father and asks for Aveline to come home safely. Then she asks for the housekeeping contributions; as usual, only Joey has any money. Billy is cut short by Nellie when he asks where Joey gets his money. Nellie's husband Freddie arrives to tell them that Aveline is with him. Jack picks Aveline up and hears on the van's radio that someone is offering a reward for the stolen bracelet.