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Mapp and Lucia (1985-86)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'The Village Fete', tx. 14/4/1985

The village of Riseholme in the Cotswolds, 1930. Daisy goes to visit Lucia, who has been in mourning for several months following the death of her husband. Daisy wants her to participate in the Elizabethan fĂȘte, since it was her original idea. Lucia however refuses, as Daisy will now be taking the role of Queen Elizabeth.

Lucia and Georgie drive to Tilling-On-Sea to see their old adversary Elizabeth Mapp, as she is offering to rent her house for the summer. The village immediately entrances Georgie and Lucia. After Mapp shows her around the house and garden, Lucia agrees to rent the house for fifteen guineas a week, though that doesn't include the gardener or the garden produce. Georgie is worried that he will have nothing to do back in Riseholme on his own while Lucia is away, but finds a cottage opposite her house and so decides to join her on holiday for the summer. After Lucia and Georgie leave, Irene and Diva go to see Mapp, wanting to know how much Lucia is paying in rent. Mapp doesn't tell them that she is renting her house for three guineas more than they all agreed between them. For the rest of the summer, Mapp will rent Diva's house and she in turn will rent Irene's, so that they can all save a little money.

At the inn, Lucia is horrified to discover that she and Georgie have been booked in as a married couple, and insists they be given separate rooms. In the bar they meet Major Flint and Mr Wyse, whose wife owns the cottage opposite Mapp's house. Mr Wyse sets up an appointment with the estate agent for the next morning. That night Georgie and Lucia are both embarrassed that they can hear each other moving in the adjoining rooms and try to make as little noise as possible as they get changed and go to their respective beds.

Mrs Wyse rents her cottage to Georgie. As they return home, Lucia senses that Georgie was made uneasy by their intimate proximity the night before and reassures him that she wants their relationship to stay just as it is. Daisy begs Lucia to take over production of the fĂȘte, as it has becomes a shambles. Lucia agrees, and puts the cast through its paces. Daisy finally relents and asks Lucia to take on the role of the Queen as well.