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Dickie Henderson Half-Hour, The (1958-59)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Edition originally transmitted on ITV (Associated Rediffusion), 12 September 1958)

Dickie Henderson opens the programme by dancing across his name in large letters, then welcomes the audience to the last show of the present series. He then introduces guest singer Diane Todd, who is revealed wearing a huge ball gown and singing in English and Italian.

Bernard Hunter introduces the first itemsketch, which shows what happens when a husband and wife don't share the same sense of humour. Anthea and Dickie are preparing for bed when Dickie starts laughing about a funny story a colleague told him earlier that day about a little boy who tries running away from home, but doesn't get very far as he's not allowed to cross any roads. Anthea asks to hear it, but fails to see any humourget the joke. She wants Dickie to tell her why it's funny, but still doesn't get the point. After two more attempts to explain it, with Dickie becoming increasingly exasperated, Anthea rings a friend to show demonstrate that it's not a joke that appeals to women, and by telling it completely out of sequence proves her point. Dickie declares that Anthea has no sense of humour, turns over, then and falls out of bed, which Anthea thinks is hilarious. After that his bed collapses, causing them both to end up leaving both of them laughing and hugging each other.

In part 2, Eve Lister introduces another sketch showing what happens when an attractive blonde moves into the flat opposite. Dickie is stunned by June, the new neighbour, becoming flustered and tongue-tied in her presence. Anthea arrives as June is leaving and, obviously clearly jealous, she quizzes Dickie. and They squabble. June enlists Dickie to mend a fuse, and there is the sound of laughter from her flat. She June then later returns with a tray of cocktails, and proceeds to tells Anthea that Dickie said his wife didn't understand him. The more she chats., the more embarrassed and uncomfortable Dickie becomes, until the sketch ends with Anthea smashing finally smashes records on his head.

Finally, Eve introduces a silent movie spoof, called The Love Bandit. Dickie, dressed as a South American gaucho, plays a wanted jewel thief, Anthea a dancer in a café and Bernard the chief of police. The police capture Dickie, but Anthea hands over the jewels to save him. Dickie escapes and shoots first the police and then Anthea.

The show closes with Dickie thanking the producer, and asking Anthea, Eve and Bernard to join him as he hopes viewers will be seeing them again soon.